Bill Guild, "Lost in Gold"

Eric Donnell

Posted on April 04 2024

Bill Guild, "Lost in Gold"
"Lost in Gold", Bill Guild
A spectacular image transfer onto handmade paper from Bhutan covered with gold leaf. 
In Bill’s words, here’s the description of his process; 
“the image was first reversed in photoshop and printed onto an inkAID transfer sheet [inkAID Transfer Film].”
“The printer used was an Epson P800 set to a Luster paper setting (utilizing Photo Black ink). The transfer sheet was then allowed to dry overnight.” 
“A textured handmade paper was then prepared for the transfer process using inAID Transferiez. The paper was imported from Bhutan and due to its' texture, I decided to transfer the image rather than put the paper through my printer.” 
“After sufficient drying, gold leaf sizing (adhesive) was placed and a combination of 23K gold leaf, composite gold leaf and variegated leaf was applied. Variegated leaf is a metal leaf treated to develop patterns and colouration. The combination of these types of leaves, in addition to the paper, provides a variation in both color and texture.” 
“The print was then allowed to dry for one week, giving the size sufficient time to cure. Since composite leaf was used, the piece was then coated with Golden MSA varnish to prevent oxidation of the composite leaf.”
Bill's website is Please visit!
🖨 Epson SC P800

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