Q. What types of canvas can be coated with inkAID coatings?

A. Both gessoed and non-gessoed canvas can be coated. Be sure to check your printer specifications to determine the maximum thickness of the media that can be printed.

Q. How do you apply inkAID coatings to canvas?

A. Mount the canvas on stretcher bars or lay the canvas flat and firmly secure the edges all the way around. Apply a sufficient amount of coating to completely cover the surface. Non-gessoed canvas will likely require more coating than gessoed canvas. Allow the canvas to dry for at least 24 hours. Always test a few small pieces of canvas first before working with larger pieces.

Q. Can other materials such acrylic paint or mediums be applied to the canvas after printing?

A. The inkAID White Matte and Translucent Gloss coatings will dry to a very water resistant finish after which other water based materials can be applied. The inkAID Clear coatings are not water resistant so an isolation coating will be required to protect the print.