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Post Print Top Coatings - Finishing Your Fine Art Print

Q. What are Top Coatings?

A. Top coatings, which are applied after printing, are used to provide the final finish to your print. Most top coatings are available in a gloss, satin, and matte finish. They also provide scratch resistance, water resistance, and UV and ozone resistance which maintains the color (lightfastness) of the print.

Q. What type of Top Coatings are available? 

A. Top coatings can be either water based or solvent based. Epoxy top coatings, such as Art Resin, are considered solvent based.

A solvent based top coating must be used over inkAID Clear Gloss Type II because it is not water resistant. Recommended top coatings include Art Resin (especially over metal prints), Golden MSA Varnish, and Premier Art solvent based top coatings.