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Printing Your inkAID Custom Made Inkjet Media


inkAID inkjet receptive coatings are the exact same inkjet receptive coatings used on all commercially produced inkjet media intended for inkjet printers using water based inks with either dyes or pigments.  

Remember, you are creating your own custom made inkjet media, so testing and experimentation will always be needed to ascertain which printer “media settings” and color management software settings will achieve the best overall print quality or desired effect. Keep in mind the maximum media thickness that your printer will accommodate. This can be found on the printer “specifications page” for your make and model of printer.

Depending on the nature of your materials it might be necessary to tape or otherwise adhere the substrate to a larger carrier sheet which can allow it to pass through the printer more easily, again keeping in mind the maximum media thickness for your printer. Click here to go the Instructional Videos page on the website and scroll down to the section about Carrier Sheets. The carrier sheet can be any number of materials, from a piece of printer paper to a sheet of mylar or acetate. The main function is simply to provide a sturdy, rectilinear surface for delicate or irregularly shaped substrates. Which material works best will depend on your specific printer. You can purchase inkAID Carrier Sheets here.