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inkAID Inkjet Receptive Aspen Veneer - 5 Sheets, 8.5" x 11", 0.025" (0.635 mm) Thickness

Inkjet Aspen Veneer - 5 Sheets, 8.5" x 11", 0.025" Thickness | inkAID


inkAID inkjet receptive Aspen Veneer is real wood veneer and is coated for ink jet printing on both sides of the sheet. The veneer is cut in the "grain short" direction (grain runs in the 8.5 inch direction) to easily run through your printer. It is 0.025" (0.635 mm) thick.

Inkjet veneer wood veneer

"New Dawn Fresco", Barbara Jo Ellison

You can both inkjet print or rubber stamp on inkAID Aspen Veneer.

Veneer will vary from log-to-log and card-to-card, so no two grains will be alike.

The ink jet coating is not water resistant so solvent based top coatings are recommended.