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inkAID Carrier And Collage Sheets - Polypropylene, 0.015" Thickness, 3 Sheets


Carrier Sheets are used to "carry" inkAID coated custom inkjet printable substrates (papers, fabrics, foils, etc.) through your printer by attaching the substrate to the carrier sheet. They are 0.015 inches thick (0.4mm) and are available in two sizes, 24" x 20" and 24" x 40" and can be used on nearly any inkjet printer but check the specifications of your printer for maximum media thickness. Here's a video that shows you how to Set Up And Use A Carrier Sheet.

Carrier Sheets can also be used to build custom acrylic inkjet printable paint skins by applying acrylic mediums such as Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints, Golden Acrylic Fluid Medium, Golden Clear Tar Gel and Crackle Paste, Golden Glass Bead Gel directly to the carrier sheets, and after drying, applying inkAID Clear Gloss Type II, inkAID White Matte, or the inkAID coating.  The resulting printed "acrylic skin" can be applied to other backing substrates and in collaging. Here's a short tutorial about the process: Acrylic Skin Process Tutorial. Here's also a more in-depth video, Creating A Digital Emulsion (Acrylic) Skin, for using on a three dimensional object. 

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