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inkAID Coatings

inkAID Coatings are actual ink jet receptive coatings which allow you to create fine art and digital mixed media prints on an almost infinite variety of materials.

The resulting prints are clear and crisp with vibrant colors and deep blacks. 

From inkAID White Matte Coating to inkAID Translucent Gloss Coating, each is designed to provide either the proper contrast for your print or to work with specific substrate materials. 

inkAID printed images can be combined with other mediums such as encaustic wax, acrylic and oil paint, or other grounds or coatings.

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inkAID Clear Gloss Type II Coating
From $26.95 - $439.95
inkAID White Matte Coating
From $26.95 - $439.95
inkAID Clear Matte Coating
From $26.95 - $439.95
inkAID Clear Gloss Coating
From $24.95 - $424.95
inkAID Clear Semi-Gloss Coating
From $24.95 - $424.95
inkAID Translucent Gloss Coating
From $28.95 - $494.95
inkAID Adhesive Primer
From $29.95 - $479.95