Q. What kind of metal can inkAID coatings be used with?

A. Aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are most common metal substrates that artists print on. Foils can also be printed but will most likely have to be attached to a carrying sheet to go through the printer. Refer to the instructional video about carrying sheets for more information. Be sure that your metals are of good quality and corrosion resistant. Check the specifications of your printer to determine maximum media thickness that can be used and select your metal substrate accordingly.

Q. Which inkAID Coatings can be applied to metals?

A. Use inkAID Clear Gloss Type II and inkAID White Matte Coatings. Both of these products have excellent adhesion to smooth porous surfaces. When beginning to work with metals always prepare a few smaller test pieces to become familiar with the process.

Q. Does metal need to be cleaned before coating?

A. Yes. This is important step. All metals must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all processing oils before applying the coating. Clean the surface with very warm water and Dawn dishwashing detergent using a non abrasive scrub pad. Rinse completely with very warm water. Do this two or three times. Thoroughly dry the surface and wipe it with 91% (90%) isopropyl alcohol with a paper towel or clean cloth. Do this two or three times. After cleaning, handle the metal using gloves to prevent oil and fingerprints from your hands contamination the surface.

Q. How is the coating applied to metals?

A. The coating be applied using a foam brush or a coating rod. Make sure the metal is on a smooth level surface. It's also a good idea to apply a low tack painters tape along the edges on the opposite side of the meta, about an inch or so wide, in case some of the flows over the edge. When applying the coating with a foam brush be sure to use enough to thoroughly cover the surface, brushing left to right and then up and down. The coating will self level on the surface. If some of the coating flows over the edges, that's what you want. Allow the coating dry over night.

Q. What type of print settings should be used with metals?

A. Higher print resolutions, 1440 x 720, and higher are recommended. This allows for slower print speeds allowing the ink to dry slightly before the next ink droplets are applied.

Be sure to watch the instructional videos demonstrating how to coat and print metals.