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Image Transfer Process

Q. How does the Image Transfer Process work?

A. The image transfer process using inkAID Transfer Film and inkAID Transferiez Transfer Medium begins with printing an image onto the transfer film. Then the Transferiez transfer medium solution is applied to substrate you want to transfer the image to and then the printed side of the film is immediately placed upon it. After two or three minutes the film is then gently removed leaving behind the image on the substrate. Watch the demonstration video on the inkAID Transfer Film and inkAID Transferiez product pages.

Q. What type of ink jet inks can be used in the image transfer process?

A. Only pigment based inks can be used in this process. Refer to your printers technical specifications to be sure that all colors are pigment based inks.

Q. What printer profile setting should I use to print the inkAID Transfer Film

A. A setting for "Matte" or "Luster" media is suggested. Try a few different settings to find the best one for your piece.

Q. How long should the printed film dry before transferring the image?

A. Allow the printed film to dry for at least 4 hours, preferably over night in a cool, dry environment. Printed films that have dried can be stored for months before using.

Q. How do you prepare the inkAID Transferiez Transfer Medium solution?

A. Follow the label directions exactly as written to prepare the solution and dispose of it.

Q. How do you prepare 91% isopropyl alcohol from other available alcohol concentrations or by mixing with distilled water?

A. You can prepare 4 ounces of 91% isopropyl alcohol by mixing together 99% alcohol with 70% alcohol in the following proportions:

85.5 mls (2.89 fluid ounces) of 99% isopropyl alcohol with 32.794 mls (1.11 fluid ounces) of 70% isopropyl alcohol.

You can prepare 4 ounces of 91% isopropyl alcohol by mixing together 99.5% alcohol with 90% alcohol in the following proportions:

13 mls (0.44 fluid ounces) of 99.5% isopropyl alcohol with 105.294 mls (3.6 fluid ounces) of 90% isopropyl alcohol.

You can prepare 12.35 ounces (365.23 milliliters) of 91% isopropyl alcohol by mixing together 11.35 ounces (335.66 milliliters) of 99% alcohol with 1 ounce (29.57 milliliters) of distilled water.

Prepare all mixtures in a clean plastic or glass container with a tight fitting, vapor resistant cap. Shake well and let the mixture settle for several hours.

Please remember that isopropyl alcohol is flammable so work in a well ventilated area away from heat or open flame.

70% isopropyl alcohol can be found at most grocery stores and pharmacies, but you’ll need to order 99% isopropyl alcohol on the web.

Here are two good sources for 99% Isopropyl Alcohol:

Medsupplies.com - 16 oz. (1 Pint) 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, $13.29 per pint, no minimum order. https://medsupplies.com/products/16-oz-99-pure-isopropyl-alcohol-rubbing-sanitizer

Pemro - 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 1 Pint - $11.82 per pint, 5 Pint Minimum Order. https://pemro.com/product/pharmco-greenfield/231acs099cspp/AAP-2265/

Q. How does inkAID Transfer Film differ from DASS (DASSART) Transfer Film?

There is no difference at all. It is the exact same product.

Q. Does inkAID Transferiez Image Transfer Medium perform the same as the transfer medium from DASS (DASSART)?

Yes. You can replace the DASS (DASSART) transfer medium with inkAID Transferiez Transfer Medium on a one to one basis.