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Rosemary Scott - Image Transfer

Eric Donnell

Posted on March 06 2024

Rosemary Scott - Image Transfer

Create Unique, Archival Fine Art & Mixed Media Prints On Virtually Any Material

Rosemary Scott. A beautiful image transfer on printmaking paper painted with gold acrylic paint. Original photography. The photo is first printed onto InkAID Transfer Film and then transferred to the painted surface using inkAID Transferiez transfer medium. If you’d like to know what you need for this process visit inkaid-transfer-film
Some of Rosemary’s comments about this piece: “Where I live north of Boston there’s a network of trails running through the surrounding woods. Beginning in college, I explored them daily, writing poems in my head, singing when I knew I was alone. The forests here are mixed pine and beech, maple and fir, something to see all year. In winter, the beech leaves cling to their branches, rustling. In spring, they finally fall, released by new life emerging. Very often rock walls appear, running along the way, telling of a time when a farmer had cleared the ground for a field. As much as I love the woods, I also fear getting lost, and so I love these walls for their safety, their perceived tether to civilization. My boyfriend teases me when we walk in the woods and see a wall. “Feel better now, babe?” And I tell him I do. Right now it’s hard for so many of us. It’s been almost a year of this pandemic. We’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost touch. We’ve not only lost networks, we’ve forgotten what networks we once had. I know I feel lost sometimes, more now with winter and an industry I once relied upon mostly vanished. I’m not sure what to do with myself sometimes, and spend a lot of time in the woods, but I’d feel so much better if I could only find a wall.” 
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