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inkAID Inkjet Coating Adhesive Primer

inkAID Inkjet Coating Adhesive Primer | inkAID | Charlotte, North Carolina



inkAID Inkjet Coating Adhesive Primer dries to a clear finish. It provides a strong adhesive layer on non-porous materials and a strong bond with other inkAID coatings.

Since most other inkAID coatings already provide good adhesion, it is usually not required. One, very light, coating layer is all that is needed. It is water resistant.

Instructions for using can be found by scrolling down this page to the "Working With Adhesive" Section below and clicking the "+" sign. 

inkAID Adhesive Primer is a clear, water based, acrylic primer designed to provide a strong adhesive coating layer between smooth, non-porous surfaces and other inkAID coatings.

Some surfaces, such as film, glass, or polycarbonate can be difficult for water based coatings to adhere to. The Adhesive Primer will adhere tightly to these surfaces as and provide a strong bonding surface for the subsequent layer of other inkAID coatings

Most smooth, non-porous surfaces can be coated with most of the inkAID coatings without applying the Adhesive Primer. But when required, the Adhesive Primer will provide a lasting bond between the underlying surface and the inkAID ink jet receptive coating.

Directions: Applying inkAID Adhesive Primer

  1. Check Adhesive Primer SDS for safety instructions. Wear protective gloves.
  2. Stir inkAID AdhesivePrimer gently before applying.
  3. Make sure your substrate is on a smooth level surface.
  4. Foam brushes are the preferred applicator, as they provide a smoother coating than bristle brushes. Brush onto the surface in light, even strokes. Only a very light coating of Adhesive Primer is needed, making sure that the surface is covered evenly.
  5. Allow the Adhesive Primer to dry completely, preferably overnight, before any other coating is applied.

Safety Data Sheet