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Acrylic Skins on Plexiglass - Marion Grant

Eric Donnell

Posted on February 29 2024

Acrylic Skins on Plexiglass - Marion Grant

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“Sage Lumenesce” (2020) 27” x 22”. A beautiful example of the Acrylic Skin Process by Marion Grant. Several coats of Acrylic Gel Medium (Golden Artist Colors) is brushed onto a polypropylene carrier sheet, drying between each coat. Then the gel medium is coated with a moderate to heavy coating of inkAID Clear Gloss Type II inkjet receptive coating. After drying, the carrier sheet is run through the printer. Final finishing includes coatings of Golden Polymer Gloss Varnish and Clear Tar Gel, followed by acrylic paint to add the final touches! The finished skin is peeled off of the carrier sheet and adhered to plexiglass. A second piece of plexiglass, with open space, is placed over it before framing in a shadowbox. 
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